Down Sleeping Pillows

Price: $299.00 - $499.00

A new generation of our famous down pillows has arrived! This updated version has an even smoother and softer, higher thread count double-layer shell along with increased fill power. These exceptionally comfortable European AAA goose down pillows are manufactured in Denmark. They are crafted to the highest OEKO-TEX quality standard 100, Class 1. This standard insures that our pillows always use the finest premium new (not recycled) white European AAA goose down & 10% feather blend. It also certifies that our pillows are safe for babies, and free from Formaldehyde, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Aromatic hydrocarbons.
We provide a variety of fills to give you gentle, medium, or firm support. Pick the one that is perfect for you. Another unique feature of our pillows and comforters is the no-mite (NOMITE) protective fabric which keeps dust mites from penetrating your pillow. This makes for a hypo-allergenic environment.
Our comforter may be washed separately in 140 degree hot water, and must be tumbled dry.

Gentle           20" x 26"       15.9 oz
Medium        20" x 26"       20.5 oz   
Full                20" x 26"       26 oz

Gentle           20" x 30"      18.5 oz
Medium        20" x 30"       23.3 oz
Full                20" x 30"      30 oz

Gentle           20" x 36"       21.2 oz
Medium         20" x 36"        28.2 oz
Full                20" x 36"       37 oz

Made in Denmark.