European Goose Year Round Down Comforter

Price: $669.00 - $1,295.00

Our comforter highlights warmth without weight, ensuring the most restful and comfortable night's sleep ever.

We manufacture these amazing comforters in Denmark, to the highest European standards of 95% white AAA European goose down and a 5% feather blend. Only your grandmother could sort the goose down finer. We minimize the feather because it is 20 times heavier than a down cluster, and does absolutely nothing to insulate you. Feather only add weight to the comforter which does not result in healthful sleep. European AAA grade goose down is the largest down cluster, trapping more air, and results in our 850 fill power super light comforter with high loft.

Our specially designed and sewn baffle box compartments prevent the down from shifting, but let the air into the compartment to be trapped by the down.  The ultra lightweight Swiss batiste cotton cover is down proof and mite proof allowing this prestigious product to wear Europe's coveted "No Mites" tag for the best in hypo-allergenic products.  This is a comforter that works for you all year round providing the ultimate in comfort.

These wonderful comforters are crafted to the highest OEKO-TEX quality standard 100, Class 1. This standard insures that our comforters always use the finest premium new (not recycled) white European AAA goose down & 5% feather blend. It also certifies that our pillows are safe for babies, and free from Formaldehyde, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Aromatic hydrocarbons.

Our comforter may be washed separately in 140 degree hot water, and must be tumbled dry.

Super King: 110"L x 116"W - 37.45 oz

Queen: 96"L x 96"W - 26.8 oz

Twin: 68"L x 86"W - 18.5 oz

Crib:  36"L x 50"W - 5.6 oz