Watercolor Shams 1

Price: $159.00 - $179.00
This Product is Made in Italy

650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton.

Our primary objective with our 650 thread count Watercolors collection is to create a high quality, hard-wearing and colorfast fabric that is comfortable and easy to use for many years. The choice of raw materials are therefore extremely crucial. Egyptian Makò cotton is selected by our experts from the best batches, spun, twisted and treated with care and skill to bring out their special characteristics. The resulting yarn is woven using advanced technologies to create superior quality fabrics for your bed. Available in sky or green. Crocodillo is a handsome 530 thread count bedding collection from Italy. These incredible Italian woven jacquard patterns are unlike almost anything you will find. The incredible depth and color in the styles are a result of time consuming, labor intensive weaving on special looms. These beautiful treasures are not printed, but achieved by weaving very fine 120 gauge yarns (threads) in intricate patterns. The highest quality Giza Egyptian cotton is spun into very fine yarns, plied (twisted) for added strength, dyed in individual colors and then woven together producing these beautiful designs. Using only the finest materials produces a fabric that lightweight, lustrous and highly resistant to pilling and snags.

  • Euro: 27" x 27"
  • Standard: 21" x 27"
  • King: 21" x 37"
  • 100% Mako Egyptian Cotton
  • Made in Italy.

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